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Inspiration!  Not Included

I am so pleased to present

 Dumbo and Timothy Too!

Dumbo was inspired by my love of all things Disney and by the discovery of the original record from 1949 in my Mom's keepsakes.  My goal in creating this wonderful pair was to have them look very 50's style and I have chosen materials and colors to look like the original time period.

He is created from hand dyed European Tissavel faux fur with hand dyed wool felt paw pads, and lining his very large ears.  He features hand painted baby blue eyes with needle felted white surrounds, hand coloring details, open ultra suede mouth,  tilt able head, wire armature in arms, legs, ears, trunk and tail.  His collar and hat with magic feather are wool felt with red trim.  Timothy is all hand sewn, jointed with a tilt able no-no head, wire in neck, body and tail, ultra suede ears and tail  He wears a red wool felt costume with gold accents and sits in Dumbo's hat with a magnet to keep him in place.

Original record not included.

Dumbo  15" tall

Timothy 4" tall

Sold Out

Available for special order. Orders will be filled in August.

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