Life Like Dogs

Life like dogs are One of a Kind custom orders that are created from photographs of your dog. 

I work from your photos to create my interpretation of your dog.  

My creations do not strive for a perfect likeness but rather a wonderful soulful and whimsical version of the original.

  They range in size from 10” to 15” tall depending on the breed.  All dogs are fully jointed with wire armature throughout for pose ability, tiltable head, leather hand sculpted paw pads, Austrian crystal black eyes or hand painted German glass eyes, hand sculpted epoxy nose that is hand painted and sealed, they are available in closed or open mouth design, open mouth design has leather lips and a hand colored and laquered pink leather tongue.  They are filled with poly fill and bodies are filled with a mixture of steel and soft poly beads for added softness and pose ability.