Sakura and Little Momo

Sakura and Little Momo

I am super pleased with this lovely set of bears.

I was inspired to create Sakura and Little Momo after looking at the pictures of beautiful cherry blossoms this spring. 

It brought back such wonderful memories of all my travels to Japan in the springtime and the Sakura blossoms at the Imperial Palace.   

I feel so lucky to have had those experiences and I believe this lovely set captures those memories and I am pleased to share them with you.

Created of curly German mohair hand dyed in the softest shade of peachy pink her raw silk dress is a perfect match and the silk I purchased in Singapore, it is accented with crystal buttons.  Little Momo has been dyed a little darker shade of pink.

Both feature tilt able heads, wire armature Austrian crystal eyes, embroidered and waxed nosed, hand dyed to match ultra suede paw pads, and silk cherry blossom flowers.

15" tall and 7" tall


The "Munchkins"

Mama and baby kitten

Introducing a new size of Mama cat and little Kitten, the Munchkins.

It was so much fun to create this wonderful set of Mama and Baby Kitten in this special size like little Munchkin cats.  I discovered they are a real breed of cats that never grow to full size cats.    

My version are created from hand colored European faux fur with loads of coloring on body and face and have hand colored glass eyes with needle felted rims, horsehair whiskers, hand sculpted epoxy clay noses, hand sculpted ultra suede paw pads, tilt able heads, wire armature in body, tail and legs and are fully pose able.

Their bodies are filled with poly pellets for an ultra soft feel.

8.5"x 13" tall and 5"x 7" tall


Rabbit Jammies

This little guy is a lot of fun.

A sweet little bear created from hand dyed German mohair in a coppery shade of brown, with black Austrian crystal eyes accented at the inner corners for added expression, hand embroidered dark brown waxed nose and a touch of hand coloring complete his face.  He has a tilt able head, wire armature for pose ability and he wears removable pair of velour rabbit jammies that close with a zipper, ribbon bow, wired rabbit ears and fluffy tail.  He comes with his little flannel blanket.

12" tall




* Please Note: All designs are intended for the adult collector.