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Mill Creek Creations


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Daisy Rose and Little Jack


Daisy Rose and Little Jack


Created from hand dyed German alpaca and mohair. Daisy Rose and Jack are 5 way jointed with tiltable heads and wire armature.  Little Jack moves his head from side to side as if to say no when you move his tail.  They have detailed hand trimming and a touch of hand coloring.  Daisy Rose's nose is hand embroidered and waxed to a shine, Little Jacks nose is made from hand sculpted epoxy clay, both feature Austrian crystal eyes and detailed trimming and hand sculpting.  Little Jack has hand sculpted leather paw pads, Daisy Rose's dress is created from two different sunny prints with a matching bow, Little Jack wears a wool felt collar and matching bow.  

Bear 15", Jack 7.25"

Sold, Thank You

16.00 shipping fee will be added for shipment within the US

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